Hong Seo-young

The Liar and His Lover
دانلود سریال کره ای دروغگو و خاطرخواهش The Liar and His Lover
خلاصه داستان The Liar and His Lover سریال بر اساس یک مانگای ژاپنی ساخته شده. داستان آشنایی و عاشق شدن یه آهنگساز نابغه و طرفدارش که یه دانش آموز دبیرستانیه رو نقل میکنه. Kang Han-Kyeol is a great yet sullen composer who becomes inspired by the voices of others and keeps his identity secret from people. He meets Yoon So-Rim, a high ...

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