Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island

Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island

Feb. 11, 2015 South Korea125 دقیقه.N/A
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9.3 3 votes

ویدیو تریلر


Kim Suk-Yoon


A detective investigates a forgery ring in historical Korea. In the 19th year of Jeonjo’s reign, Kim Min, Joseon’s top detective, who used to be a King’s secret messenger, has been banished to a remote island for some unclear reasons. The only visitors are his old partner, Seo-pil and a young girl, who comes every day to ask him to find her younger sibling. In the meantime, Kim Min happens to hear a rumor that bogus silver bars have been being distributed, which awakens his dormant traits as a detective. Hisako, a beautiful, mysterious woman with her identity unknown, continuously interferes the investigation conducted by this excellent pair of detectives.

عنوان اصلی조선명탐정 : 사라진 놉의 딸
رتبه IMDB6.4 254 رأی ها
امتیاز TMDb7 5 رأی ها
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